Saturday, July 29, 2006

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Raymond Supports Other Warriors Like Himself! [Post #23 8 PM]
Raymond in his own words:

Hi I am Raymond Bautista, cancer combat survivor, for me getting cancer opened up doors, yes it hurt, I was in a wheelchair, but it allowed me to make new friends, Dale Earnhardt was my best that I met. When he saw me at a race he would sneak up on me. Thanks to Dale I met Brooks and Dunn. I learned how to build websites because I got cancer, so I built my first website in 1999 at . It was hosted by homestead. The CEO and Founder sent me an invitation to meet him and tour his company. I also became good friends with Lee Rodgers and his morning show crew. Art Bell too became my friend and he even sent me a bunch of gifts because I got him a Signed Raider helmet from Jerry Rice. The Oakland Raiders also brought me out to visit with them on team picture day. Most importantly, Cancer allowed me to meet and become good friends with Monica Crowley. My radio appearance with her is archived here:

I chose to beat the cancer, fighting was not enough, annilihating was. But the last person, and the most important man, I knew was Col David Hackworth. He and I traded Chemo war stories. He told me he had my picture in his office for inspiration.

Nikki’s Notes: Raymond has an amazing website! He has created an entire page called the NB Christmas Tree in which all the NB Warriors have a place! Please be sure to check it out and send Raymond some love, by letting him know what a great job he is doing!!!


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