Monday, September 11, 2006

Abbie, Christi, & Support the Fight

RIP: Abbie Shaw

From her site:

"11th September 2006

Our beautiful daughter Abbie died at 7.36 am this morning. After a fairly restless night she began to experience intense pain in her leg at 5.30am this morning. I managed to give her a dose of oral morphine and at around 6.00am I climbed into bed with her and was comforting her. At around 6.45am she began to fit and I was able to cuddle, comfort and reassure her. This was the first time in a while that I had been able to cuddle her as she had been in too much discomfort. Mike took over while I had a bath, then Jamie who was getting ready for school went to her room to say goodbye and she just died.

Our apologies for this e mail but we have spoken to lots of people today and cannot face calling everyone. We are truly devastated that we have lost our child but pleased she is no longer suffering. It is a real comfort to know that only five weeks ago she was playing, running and swimming at a party and this time four weeks ago spent 2 hours disco dancing. Last Monday she made flower shaped biscuits, on Wednesday made a supermarket till out of boxes and collected Jamie from school and Thursday painted egg cups. On Saturday morning we took her for a walk in her buggy to the local shops and she insisted on renewing her library book.

The funeral service will be child friendly. We are requesting that children wear their school uniform and bring a flower (unwrapped) from their garden. These will be collected and scattered on Abbie's casket when she is buried. We also request family flowers only but donations may be made to Abbie's Fund which will be shortly be becoming a registered charity. Adults may wear some pink if possible. We do not want Abbie's funeral to be too sombre - as Mike says he wants Abbie to look down and wish she was there."

In other news, 2 wonderful girls have started a myspace site for christi in which to gather & pray. If you have a myspace site, please check it out!

The wonderful Nadine, included some information on Christi & Alex Scott in her online newsletter! Go check it out!


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