Sunday, July 30, 2006

and update from Naomi's play specialist!!

Hi I have just read you blog and the story of Naomi.My name is Claire and I am the play specialist that Angela was talking about. I now live in New Zealand and am unable to work as a play specialist as they don't recognise my qualifications..very frustrating. I just wanted to say thanks for putting Naomi's story on your site, it was very moving reading it. I just adored Naomi, she made my job so much easier and a lot of fun, as did her wonderful family, they are a very special family. Naomi was a wonderful little girl, always ready with a smile and a great little attitude!! I know I will never forget her and feel that she is often with me.I feel very privelged to have known her and all the other children that I cared for.

I hope that you raised the money you wanted to, well done for all your hard work.

Kind regards

Claire Montier


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