Sunday, July 30, 2006

Georgia Whyte Fought & Won! [Post #34 2 AM]

Georgia was diagnosed with Stage IIB Neuroblastoma in January, 2006 at the age of 18 months. Her adrenal tumor was found and removed early because she has a congenital kidney defect that was being monitored closely. For this we are eternally grateful.
Right now, she is an active, happy, 'terrible two-ster'. As of her six-month check in July, she is tumor-free.

Since her diagnosis and the resulting flurry of tests, scans, biopsies and visits to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, two hours away, my husband and I have learned one very important thing. You need to have fun with your children every day.
We've decided that the lawn might grow a bit longer, the dust bunnies will keep and that black thing in the back of the fridge can eat the green thing tomorrow, because we have children to celebrate and experience and laugh with.

Georgia's nine-year-old sister Sydney has been a source of inspiration and positive energy for us all through this time. She decided that she wanted to find a cure for her baby sister, so she started selling my handmade beaded bracelets to raise funds for Neuroblastoma research. To date, Sydney has raised over $10,000 for The James Fund.

Nikki’s Notes: Georgia and her mother have been very encouraging!! I’m SUPER excited that Georgia is currently NED!! The thing that stands out most from what Faye, Georgia’s mom, wrote, is that it’s more important to spend time with your family and friends than worrying about all the clutter in our houses and our lives. Life and quality of life are the most precious things we have! I’m taking that lesson away from this experience today! Much love to all the fighters and all the people who love them!

You can follow Georgia and Sydney's story here:


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