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The Dashing Aussie, Dylan Hartung! [Post #44 7 AM]

Melissa (Dylan’s Mom) On Dylan:

Dylan is a 7-year-old Australian boy who was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma on 26th July 2004 when he was 5 years old. Dylan's tumor started on the left adrenal gland and had wrapped itself around both his left and right renal arteries and around several major blood vessels. So far, Dylan has received 12 rounds of intense Chemotherapy, but even though there has been some improvement in his condition, the Neuroblastoma cells still remain in his bones. Dylan was classed as refractory in December 2004, meaning he no longer responded to the regular Neuroblastoma protocols of treatment. As Dylan still has Neuroblastoma evident in his bones, the doctors in Australia would not perform surgery or harvest his stem cells to continue treatment regimes. We were told that Dylan has 2 – 12 months to live and there was little more that could be done for Dylan. Dylan's fight for survival has led us to America, where they have many treatments that are not currently available in Australia, one in particular is called 3F8 Monoclonal antibodies. Dylan had his stem cells successfully harvested onthe 7th and 8th February 2005 and had his main abdominal tumor entirely removed on the 9th February 2005 by a highly skilled surgeon who is an expert in the field of Neuroblastoma, at MSKCC in New York. Without this surgery, Dylan would not be alive today. Dylan has now commenced treatment to tackle the Neuroblastoma still present in his bones, including a Phase I Clinical Trial Protocol 05-074 (Cetuximab and Irinotecan) and a Phase II Clinical Trial Protocol 04-148A (131 I-MIBG with Arsenic Trioxide). ACampaign was started in December 2004, by a wonderful team of dedicated people, to raise $500,000 Australian dollars, for surgery and initial treatment, and on 26th January 2005 (Australia Day!) exactly 6 months after diagnosis, we arrived in New York City!

Dylan loves Playstation 2, Gameboy, Yu-Gi-Oh cards and is a huge fan of the actress Angelina Jolie. Actually that’s an understatement, he adores Angelina so much that he has made her his Ultimate chicky babe and collects pictures of her! Dylan loves all types of cars, racing cars, sports cars and Mustangs are his favorite.Dylan collects precious stones and Crystals and enjoys art lessons. Dylan likes Chinese food and his favorite color is blue. He also enjoys doing puzzles and loves listening to his Ipod music! Dylan also enjoys a game of “Sorry”, “CandyLand” and “Monopoly” in between playing a card game of "UNO". Dylan absolutely loves his big brother Cain who is 11 years old and Dylan also loves animals. Dylan has an amazing personality and anyone who spends five minutes with him, is totally in love with him. He has a great sense of humor and gets many adults in fits of laughter whenever they engage in conversation with him. Even people that don’t know him strike up a relationship with him that continues through letters and phone calls from the other side of the world. Dylan has enchanting eyes. They are so expressive and you can tell his emotion just by looking at them. Dylan misses his dad, Nana (Grandma) and brother terribly while he continues his fight against cancer in New York City, but he knows why we need to be in America and he makes the most of everyday. When Dylan grows up, he wants to be a chef and cook pancakes for his brother Cain. The things Dylan says he misses the most about Australia (apart from family & friends) is Chinese from a particular store, going to Frankston on the bus with Nana, Red Rooster cheesy nuggets, Dim Sims from the fish n chip shop, going to football and playing with his best friend Jordan.

Throughout all of Dylan’s treatment, he has never complained. We have always beenhonest with Dylan and he has been a part of all our decision making. The courage that this little boy has is incredible, he never ceases to amaze me.
Love & Hope
Melissa and Dylan xoxo

Nikki's Noties: Please visit Dylan’s website!


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