Monday, July 31, 2006

Hello Everyone! I'm awake! I kid you not--I slept for 24 hours yesterday!! I had a nice shower today, had some lunch with my mom, and got back here to the old computer. I just checked donations and am VERY PROUD & EXCITED to share the grand total of $1285 going to CNCF! We are #15 out of $285 bloggers in terms of most funds raised!! I believe they are STILL accepting donations today, but today is the last day for you to pledge! Please Sponsor Me! if you haven't already! These kids and the kids of the future deserve it!

I'm getting ready to send an email out to all of the participants as well as the sponsors, so be looking for it! I would like to list the wonderful sponsors on here so that EVERYONE can honor them!!!! They are: Anonymous x 12 (I wish I knew who you are!!), Sarah Hersey, Kara Day, Stephanie Kent, Michael Kent, Caryn S, Natalie, Angela Veldon (mother of Angel Naomi), Barb Cooper (mother of fighter Daniel), Charlene Mersburgh (mother of fighter Ruth), Keely Knoche, Kailey, Beth Whyte, Lori Kilburn, Cindy (fighter Eden's Aunt), Michael Shaw (father of fighter Abbie), Jon Phillips, Jaime, Sarah, Alexandra Thelin, Faye Whyte (mother of fighter Georgia), Clive, Tamra Cave, Mary Matthews, Jennifer Cooley, In honor of Fighter Razak, In honor of Fighter Christi & in memory of Angel Jack!!!! Please lift all of these wonderful people up!! They are simply AMAZING and we couldn't have done this without each and every one of them!!!

Well, I'm off to email everyone individually, so that may take some time! Love to all! Nikki


Anonymous Anonymous said...

woo Hooo! That's a lot of money earned to help beat this horrible disease!!!

I hope you enjoyed your well deserved sleep.

7/31/2006 04:56:00 PM  

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