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Jennifer Lehman of "Kids Cancer Crusade" on The Thomas Team [Post #17 5 PMish]

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I am almost positive that at this point, my favorite Christi moment was when I had organized a fundraiser at my school for her fund. I got a call the night before from one of my teachers, who had so cleverly invited the Thomas Team to have lunch with us so that the students could actually see where their money was going. We raised $425 that day -- which is over $100 more than we have students (they were only required to pay $1 to wear jeans). It was an amazing day. The girls were chatting like crazy and I heard many, many jokes that day from Christi. To make it better, the next day I received an email from Angela saying that their plane tickets to Philly were $424. We had completely paid for them. I just felt heard. I was so happy that I got my school to come together like that.

I think that words can do no justice to what Christi and the amazing Thomas Team have taught me since her diagnosis, however, I suppose they will have to do.
She has taught me what is important. My priorities have began to straighten themselves out. I've learned more than ever, that life is not fair and that I would trade places with her in an instant. I know that no matter how much my heart is hurting and no matter much I'd like to run and hide at times, Christi has endured more than I probably ever will. I know that I need to grit my teeth and keep on truckin'. She gives me strength & hope. I have learned to embrace life and live it to the fullest...of course without forgetting to dance and tell a few jokes along the way.

I think, perhaps, most importantly, her journey has taught me that I have a purpose, a major purpose. Since Christi's diagnosis, my fondest memories have been the ones where I've been helping find a cure and just giving my love. I realize that I can't do much right now, but I also realize that EVERY prayer counts and that I can never give too much of my time. I know in the deepest realm of my heart that I am here to help find a cure and to be a solid support to the families effected by childhood cancer.

I love the Thomas Team with my whole heart and am constantly storming Heaven with my requests for this amazing family.

Okay, I'll stop now. ;-)
Love, Jennifer

Please visit Jennifer’s wonderful site:

Nikki’s Notes: Jennifer herself is a great inspiration to me. Not only has she wanted to make a difference, she IS making a difference! Please check out her website & email her if you’d like to have your cancer warrior added to Cancer Fighter pages!!


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