Saturday, July 29, 2006

The absolute WEIRDEST thing ever just happened to me. I went thru the Steak & Shake Drive Thru w/ my dog to get some grub. When I came home, instead of running into the house, my dog ran to the neighbors' house directly across the street from me. I told them I needed to hurry because I was doing a blogathon for cancer today. The lady looked at me and said, "For Neuroblastoma?" I said, "Yes?" She said, "That's you?" I said, "Yes." Apparently Eden Adams, who I'll be blogging about later, is their niece!!!!!!! SMALL WORLD!!! I definitely feel close to God right now!

Now, onto:

Stories about Christi from her fans [Post #4 10:30 AM]


I do not know Christi personally, but found the link to her site and have been faithfully following her now for a while. I saw your Blogathon link on her site and just wanted to share what an inspiration she is to me. She and her family are such an inspiration and their faith is unbelievable! I can only hope and pray that if I’m ever faced with a similar situation, that I will be the example that the Thomas family has been! Christi and her parents are true heroes! I pray Christi can beat the nasty beast that’s known as cancer!
Bridgette Hough, Alabama

Hello Nikki

I am the mom of Angel Michael who passed away October 21, 2005 from Neuroblastoma. I would first like to thank you for what you are doing on the 29th.
I would like to say we met the Thomas Team in 2002 in NYC. Christi was always reading when I saw her, or snuggled up in her jogger stroller. Her wonderful parents and I became friends. I admire Christi for her art and drawings and for being such a GREAT big sister.

She shared her sister with other siblings at the hospital, my son Anthony being one of them. Those girls are a great team together. Anthony and Shayla spent lots of time in the playroom and RMDH while their siblings were being treated. When Christi came back for a visit I remember her bringing Potato Chips for everyone to taste, but I don't remember what kind, only that they were manufactured in Ohio.
Keep up the good work for Kids with Cancer.

Sharon Romano

Nikki’s Notes: Thank you Sharon and Bridgette for sharing those touching words about Christi and her family!!


Anonymous Caryn said...

I love that you're doing this. You are such a special person, Nikki. *hug*

7/29/2006 11:26:00 AM  

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